🕖 Served in the Manor restaurant from 8h to 10h30


Bienvenue aux clients extérieurs

Like a morning breakfast, breakfast at the Manoir de la Poterie is always an unexpected moment, an ode delicious from the Normandy terroir…In its own way, our 4-star "Maison" shakes up a few habits by offering you original and balanced products that break with tradition.Thus, some 70 tasty regional products of high quality and prepared in an artisanal way aremeticulously staged by our teams. 

Breakfast is served from 8:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. at the Louis restaurant XIV. The latter is open to our friends and non-hosted customers, throughout the year. ORGANIC OR GLUTEN-FREE BREAKFAST There is therefore something for everyone, whether you opt for organic, gluten-free, dairy products fromNormandie (fromage blanc and matured Bornianbuc cheeses, Fleurs de Ferme yogurt) 60% jams, fruits, Alain Millat fruit juices, carefully selected apple juices, organic detox juices (choice of Turmeric or Cabbage Kale), honey produced by our local beekeeper in St Pierre de Cormeilles, Dominique Boscher. salmon smoked by us in beech wood, oysters on request,or quick pancakes accompanied by apple, cider or perry jellies.And for the heat, our chafing dishes contain scrambled eggs, grilled sausages, pork belly...ON DEMAND

On request you can choose to savor this unforgettable moment in front of the fireplace in the lounge or onour terrace sheltered from the wind.And if that's not enough for you, remember that the sparkling wine Cuvée M Le Lys Blanc Brut from the Mercier house and the vanilla Calvados are at your discretion.QUALITY PRODUCTSHOMEMADE OR SELECTED

 Reserve your gourmet breakfast : +332 31 88 10 40
 25 euros